Gasthaus Pooki

Pooki Juhlapalvelut

Ylinenkatu 21

FI-23500 Uusikaupunki


Puh: +358 (0)2 8477 100

Email: pooki@ravintolapooki.fi

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Lounas Ma-Pe 11-15

Pitopöytä La-Su 12-16



Ma-To 15-21:30

Pe 15-22

La 12-22

Su 12-18

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Menu in English





Season’s Soup (gf, lf)

Creamy Jerusalem artichoke soup served with marinated globe artichoke

8 € / 13€



Chicken & Chevre Salad (gf, lf)

Grilled chicken fillet & goat cheese, salad, bacon, fruit and cherry vinegrette

9 € / 14€



Snails in Garlic Butter (gf, lf)

Snails, Aura Gold blue cheese and lemon

10 €


Blini (lf)

Blini served with whitefish & rainbow trout roe, smoked whitefish mousse

Red onion brunoise, butter and dill

11 € / 18 €



Archipelago Platter (gf, lf)

Smoked whitefish mousse, roes, lamb, pork, gooseberry jam,

potato salad, pickled cucumbers, dried tomato and beetroot smetana

 12 € / 19 €







Veggie’s Dish (gf, lf)

Marinated fried tofu steaks, sweet potato puree,  

season’s vegetables and ginger-yoghurt sauce (also available as a vegan dish)

15 € 


Fried Baltic Herrings (lf)

Served with mashed potato, pickle, browned butter and egg

16 €


Venison meatballs (gf, lf)

Served with cognac sauce, mashed potato, lingonberry and pickle

17 €


Pooki’s Burger (lf)

Brioche bun, beefsteak, crispy bacon, smoked cheese,

salad, smoked paprika aioli, French fries, beer-battered onion rings and the dip of the house.

Also available as Veggie Burger/Chicken Burger/Vegan Burger

18 €


Chicken au Gratin (gf, lf)

Chicken fillet with blue cheese and flavoured butter,

potato terrine, season’s vegetables and Madeira sauce

19 €


Leaf Steak (lf)

Beef sirloin steak & Cafe de Paris butter,

French fries, beer-battered onion rings and dip of the house



Roasted Duck (gf, lf)

Duck breast and Madeira sauce,

sweet potato puree, potato terrine and season’s vegetables

22 €


Whitefish fillets (gf, lf)

Fried whitefish fillets, potato terrine, season’s vegetables and creamy cep mushroom sauce

25 €


Slow Cooked Moose (gf, lf)

Slow Cooked Moose wrapped in bacon, parsnip puree and red wine sauce,

season’s potato & vegetables and gooseberry compote

28 €


Pepper Steak (gf, lf)

Beef tenderloin steak, creamy cognac sauce and bacon&garlic potatoes

29 € / 50 € for two







Cheese Platter (lf)

Assortment of three cheese,

fig jam, gooseberry jam and salted biscuit



Chocolate Terrine (gf,lf)

Served with sea buckthorn marinated orange and crushed pistachios

9 €



Meringue from Uusikaupunki (gf, lf)

Meringue, vanilla ice cream, raspberries and hot caramel sauce

10 €


Ice cream (g, l)

Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate

Raspberry sorbet or soya ice cream

4 €, caramel sauce + 2€








Finger Food (gf, lf)

For Babies&Toddlers - Chicken and Vegetables

(warm dish, no salt)

3 €


”Laughing sausages” (gf, lf)

Small sausages, mashed potato or French fries and a little bit of vegetables

6 €


Meatballs (gf, lf)

Pooki’s meatballs, mashed potato or French fries, creamy sauce and season’s vegetables

6 €


Kid’s Menu

Choose a dish from the “Grown-up Menu” – it comes in a smaller portion



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